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Cemetery History

Old section

In 1815, when Calcutta was a tiny farming community, the Calcutta United Presbyterian Church was formed. A cemetery, located at the rear of the old church building and containing about five acres, was established soon after the church was organized. Many of the church organizers are buried in this area, the oldest part of the Calcutta Cemetery with graves dating from the 1800's.



The cemetery was incorporated March 25,1924 to form a not for profit corporation named "The United Presbyterian Cemetery Association of Calcutta, Ohio". The Cemetery Association is governed by an eight member board of trustees. All trustees are required to be lot owners. An Annual Meeting of the Cemetery Association is held on the second Monday of April at the Calcutta United Presbyterian Church.

Front section

In 1927 and continuing through the 1930's and 1940's, the cemetery acquired property from the Calcutta United Presbyterian Church and surrounding property owners. In 1975 the cemetery added another three acres bringing the property total to over ten acres.The Front Section is the second oldest area.

A mausoleum was built in 2002 containing 120 crypts and 64 niches.

McGuffey entrance

Another improvement was a driveway into the cemetery directly off McGuffey Drive completed in 2003.

By the summer of 1926 there were 408 graves in the old church section. Today there are around 3,500 graves in multiple sections. The Calcutta Cemetery transitioned from a small church cemetery into a community cemetery open to all.

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