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The Calcutta Cemetery Mausoleum, built in 2002, contains 120 crypts and 64 niches.  It is the only one of its type to serve the Calcutta - East Liverpool area.  A mausoleum allows the Calcutta Cemetery to offer the community more burial options.

The building was designed to provide above-ground entombment.  Crypts and niches are made of pre-cast concrete with granite fronts.  Crypt spaces are made for caskets while 12-inch by 12-inch cremation niches hold urns.  After entombment the crypt or niche is sealed and the granite front is attached.

Crypts and niches sell for various prices.  Bronze plaques and vases can be purchased for both types.

Some Advantages of a Mausoleum
  • Offer above-ground burial
  • Crypts are clean and dry
  • Niches give family members a place to visit loved ones after cremation

Mausoleum front

Mausoleum south side
South Side

Mausoleum north side
North Side

Mausoleum niches
West End

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